BDM Aerodynamic English Willow Cricket Bat

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Best of the BDM Cricket Bats. Made from grade 1 English willow : BDM Aerodynamic cricket bat

BDM Aerodynamic English willow cricket bat, one of the very best from BDM now available on crickstore 

BDM Aerodynamic cricket bat has following specifications :

1. The bat is made from premium quality straight grained willow, its a grade 1 English Willow cricket bat

2. BDM Aerodynamic bat has natural blade

3. you are looking at very thick edges and 12 piece cane handle

4. Number of grains for BDM Aerodynamic bat vary between 8 - 12

5. The bat has a medium profile with shaped with a section removed from the lower bulge to give an extra light pick up.

6. Round handle and comes with BDM's HDS (High Durability Support) sticker on it

7. This bat will last long if you season it , prepare it well , its a bat designated for top performers

8. BDM aerodynamic comes in short handle

Weights available with us are between 2. lb 7 oz to 2 lb 14 oz

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