We are at the end of September now in 2019. Pretty much 3/4th of the year is passed and yet here we are, still talking and loving all the retro bats which came out in late 2018. The first international usage was attributed to MS Dhoni when he used a BAS Vampire Bat whose stickers took us back to early 2000 period of BAS Vampire Stickers. Then came the SS retro blue bats used by him in New Zealand tour with Sunridges written on the spine of them. In IPL 2019 we could see another surprise. There was a same blue theme SG late 90s stickered retro cricket bat used by him and suddenly everyone was talking about these new series of bats. 

SS was the first one to pounce on the opportunity and they brought the entire dhoni vintage series cricket bats, with no series name sticker on the bat apart from SS on the front and Sunridges on the spine. These bats along with Andre Russell's Dre Russ came in the market at 60000 Rupees MRP and then its price went down to 50000 rupees MRP, probably after SS Realizing that they had raised the bar a bit too much and consumers were not ready to spend a fortune to buy a piece of willow even though it meant to be a player series one. 

BAS Vampire came in after SS. They brought 3 bats in the BAS retro vintage series whose poster can be seen on our website's home page slider. The BAS Vampire Retro Vintage Player Edition which MSD used was kept at a fair price of 40000 MRP, followed by a grade 1 retro vintage in the name of Legend again priced moderately at 25000 a piece and last in the series is a grade 2 bat named retro vintage classic. These bats were instant hit and were in demand immediately as soon as sellers started advertising them on their social handles. We went to the BAS factory and handpicked some of these lovely Dhoni player bats. Iamges attached below. They were absolute guns and they were off the inventory within weeks. 

Meanwhile SGs didn't want to be left behind. They handed their Marquee players Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant all these lovely retro Triple Crown and Sunny Tonny retro bats which remembled SG's stickers back in the 90s and these players were extremely sucessful in pushing SG's tripple crown as they were seen consistenly throuout the world cup. We do not sell SG bats. We do not endorse them, neither do we advertise SG as SG is not interested in selling to an online store like us for some reason  but in spite of all this, these has been consistent calls from various places checking to see if we do keep them. 

Laver and Wood I would say, probably started this trend. Laver and Wood is a well known brand amongst cricket enthusiasts around the world. They are not as big as SS, SG and BAS but are very well known and their cricket bats have terrific ping, balance and pick up. Laver and Wood's India team brought out these lovely Laver and Wood retro stickers with no flashy designs on the bat stickers but simply the brand name and the model and that was an instant hit. This happened in the first quarter of 2019. Now we do not know if SS and BAS who pioneered the Retro stickers and gave these bats to MS Dhoni did take some inspiration from Laver and Wood stickers.

Coming back to September 2019, SS has got a new range of lovely new retro series , apart form their earlier Dhoni Vintage series. They named this series as Retro Classic and there are 5 bats which come in this series with bat profile and shapes matching that with Dhoni's bat. The Top of the line is Retro Classic Supreme which is considered as a players grade with 34000 MRP, second in the line is Retro Classic Power Plus with Green Stickers and is a grade 1 bat ( MRP 21000), Third in the Retro classic series is Blue Max Power which is grade 2 ( MRP 15000). Fouth and Fifth bats are named as Super and Gutsy coming in brown and pink stickers and belonging to Grade 3 with MRPs of 12600 and 9600 respectively in Retro Classic series. These are the best retro stickers which we consider amongst all of these retro bats which are making so much noise this year and as time passes by they look more and more attractive. 

Again the pre-order response for Retro classic bats has been terrific as these bats are individually carved by SS when they write Classic on them instead of applying Classic sticker and their balance and pick up is fantastic. 

With a simple search of 'retro' word in our website, you will find all these top cricket bats mentioned in this article here. 

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