About Us

www.crickstore.com is an online store for goods related to sport cricket. We are based in San Diego, CA and Mumbai, India. Crickstore hosts all major brands in Cricket such as SG, SS, Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Puma, Kookaburra ,CA, Malik and many more. We inventory items in all the categories such as English Willow cricket bats, Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats, Batting protection equipment, wicket keeping gear, white and red leather balls, kit bags, accessories, shoes, clothes and many more items that are related to the sport cricket. At Crickstore, we also take orders for customized cricket clothing from honeycomb to dry-fit materials of international quality. We also work for cricket teams and get their bulk orders make customized cricket bags for them, work with the leagues to get leather balls for their league and are also providing cricket mats as well as cricket nets.

Most of the times, the cricket bats are hand picked so we take utmost care in getting the best stuff for our customers.

When it comes to buying cricket goods in America, there are very few resources available which guarantee the quality of the cricket goods they are selling, making sure that the items being sold are genuine for a particular brand, giving personalized attention to every single customer irrespective of the magnitude of the order and expedite the supply chain so that the buyer receives the goods in time. There is a tremendous talent for cricket in the United States. Crickstore’s focus has solely been to satisfy these budding cricketers by giving them the opportunity to play with the best possible cricketing gear of their favorite brands.

The idea behind launching a physical cricket store in Mumbai was nonetheless different. Mumbai often termed as the Mecca of Indian Cricket has enormous number of young and talented cricketers whose only dream is to play for India and try to become next Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly or Kumble. There are hundreds of sports shops in Mumbai when it comes to buying cricket goods but very few of them provide the exclusive range of Cricket goods and none of them are dedicated to only cricket. Crickstore has made sure that whenever any bat is sold the bat care guide is handed along, making these young cricketers aware of techniques to take care of their chosen willow. Whenever a cricket glove or pads are sold, new profile is created for the respective buyer so that next time he returns; Crickstore has the information ready. This makes the job really easy as we can speculate which item this cricketer is looking for and that’s what we call giving personalized attention.

Quality, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction are the three main pillars in building Crickstore a brand. Crickstore takes tremendous pride in serving cricket community of America. Our expansion plans include opening couple of physical stores in the United States in future; one somewhere on the east coast and the other in Southern California to take the cricket to another level and promote this sport to large extent and help the cricketing community to grow further.